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Losing a pet is heartbreaking which is why one woman decided she needed to take time off college to grieve for her beloved cat, however, her teachers demanded proof and she was only too happy to comply

She was grieving for her furry friend (stock) (

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Anyone who doesn’t think that the death of a beloved animal inflicts the same amount of grief as losing a person has obviously never owned a pet - or is a complete monster. One woman has been applauded after her husband revealed she’d taken extreme measures to prove she couldn’t attend college.

Sharing the incident on social media, he wrote: “My wife, Martha*, is taking college courses. She is a straight-A student, until last week when our beloved cat suddenly died. We were all super broken up and emotional about it.

“M wasn't able to get into class on Monday as we were grieving. She wrote ahead to the professors, letting them know the situation. She was informed due to students using pets as excuses to get out of tests, she would need to provide proof of death in the form of a copy of the vet bill.

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Naturally annoyed, the woman proceeded to send a copy of the vet bill and a photo of the dead cat to her professors to prove her point. He finished: “She's worried that was too passive-aggressive, but I applaud her.”

In response to the Reddit post, one person wrote: “My vet would have written a note for me. Probably a very passive-aggressive note. I was also picturing you recreating the ‘dead parrot’ skits from Monty Python in the professor's office but with your cat. But maybe that would be going too far.”

One person suggested she start doing skits like Monty Python's 'dead parrot' sketches (



Another person suggested: “I’d go further honestly. Bring in the urn and have it on the desk when she retakes the test. Its kinda messed up to ask for credentials on a death, so yea go overboard.”

And someone else shared: “My job once asked me for proof my mom was in the hospital. I took a picture of her with IVs and electrodes and s--- with both of us giving sarcastic thumbs up and s----eating grins.”


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