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Our New Podcast...Listen Now!

On Anti-Racism Leadership Institute's podcast, Research to Practice, we engage in thoughtful conversations with professors and visionary leaders who are dedicated to dismantling racism in schools and transforming education. Join us as we explore their inspiring journeys, innovative strategies, and impactful initiatives aimed at creating more inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist learning environments. Our podcast is a platform for sharing insights, stories, and actionable ideas that can help shape a brighter, more just future for education. Tune in and be inspired to be a part of the change! Research to Practice is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your preferred podcast platform.

Our inaugural episode features Dr. Phillip A. Smith, where he and Dr. Tracey A. Benson delve into the challenges faced by black and brown students in the classroom.

Discover the transformative journey of these educators and researchers, as they connect practice with research to improve the educational experience for marginalized communities. Explore the importance of authentic leadership, the influence of racial identity, and the need for inclusive spaces. Gain valuable insights on black male school leadership and strategies for empowering leaders of color.

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