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Introducing... "Ask Me Anything"

When we work with educators we often hear stories of how they have encountered situations that “just did not sit right” with them or where they suspected there was an issue of equity and sometimes can point very clearly to the different treatment students of color were receiving in their school-building. It’s not just educators who encounter these unsettling situations, but also community members, parents, and not to mention students who not only find themselves on the receiving end of unequal treatment, but observers of patterns of inequity.

Often, individuals reflect on these situations wondering, what could I have done differently or better to address these situations? What can I do moving forward to work toward equity in my sphere of influence?

Advocating for equity and anti-racist policies and practices in schools is not easy, but the work is necessary. The good news is: advocating for equitable practices in your sphere of influence is a skillset that can be acquired. Educators, parents, community members and even students can take even small steps to ensure that students of color are receiving the same treatment and experience as their white peers.

Are you interested in ensuring equity in your classroom, school, district or department and are not sure where to start? Perhaps, you have been observing bias behaviors or systems in your school-building that you suspect are leading to disparate outcomes for students and want to take action. Maybe you are thinking about bringing up an issue of equity at your next team meeting and you are just not sure how to approach it.

Introducing… “Ask Me Anything.”

Submit your question (with some context) and we will select a few responses to feature on our blog. Feel free to omit any identifying details, sign anonymously, and review our disclaimer.

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