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Lithuanian visa for citizens of Pakistan
Lithuanian Visit Visa Pakistani passport holders travelling to Lithuania for work or vacation MUST have a valid visa. See below for specific needs in detail: Visa Requirements: Visa type Purposes Visa requirements Permitted stay Tourist visa for Pakistani citizens to come to Lithuania for short-term tourism purposes. Visa required N/A Evisa Lithuania e-visa for citizens of Pakistan None Visa on arrival Lithuanian visa on arrival for Pakistani citizens None Lithuanian tourist visa requirements: Have a Pakistani passport valid for six months after the intended period of stay in Lithuania. Proof of further travel (departure) from Lithuania. If you are looking for information about Lithuanian visas, for example about the types of visas available or how to apply from Pakistan, we recommend that you visit or contact the nearest Lithuanian embassy or consulate where you live. Lithuanian visa applications and requirements (for informational purposes only, visit the nearest Lithuanian diplomatic missions in Pakistan for advice) Chart of tourism statistics The number of tourists from Pakistan to Lithuania between 2008 and 2018 is depicted in the line diagram. Comparison of Lithuania and Pakistan Pakistan's area is approximately 770,880 km2 (297,638 sq mi), while Lithuania's area is approximately 62,674 km2 (24,198 sq mi). Pakistan is therefore 12.30 times bigger than Lithuania. in 2024 in June According to data, the population of Lithuania is ~2.6 million. people - 235,988,442 people less than in Pakistan.   We drew attention to the relative positions of Lithuania and Pakistan on the world map. Lithuania Pakistan Difference Population (2024) 2,575,285,238,563,727,236.0 million less people than Pakistan Number of diplomatic missions abroad (est) 61,117 Lithuania has 56 diplomatic missions abroad less than Pakistan. Freedom of travel (2024) 139 12 Holders of Lithuanian passports can visit another 127 countries and territories without a visa. The number of foreign embassies received 53,134 Lithuanian guests, 81 foreign embassies less than in Pakistan. Frequently asked questions answered How many visitors from Pakistan travel to Lithuania in one year? In 2018, about 1,978 visitors from Pakistan visited Lithuania. Related Articles:
Malaysia Visit Visa from
There are two methods to apply for Malaysia visa from Pakistan. The first method is to apply for a sticker visa (a visa stamped on your passport), or apply for an e-Visa. The requirements for both Malaysian visas are listed below. Malaysia Visa Requirements Last Six Months Bank Statement with account maintenance letter & stamp from the bank with a closing balance of at least PKR 300,000. Company letterhead for visa request (If self-employed). Copy of NTN certificate. Original Passport at least 9 months valid, along with all previous passports if applicable. 4 Photographs in white background 35×45 mm. Clear copy of CNIC of both parties. Employment letter from the company (If employed). Salary slip of the last six months from the company (If employed). Family Registration Certificate "FRC" or Marriage Registration Certificate "MRC" (If all families travel). Processing time Processing time 5 - 8 working days. Usually e-visa is processed faster than sticker visa. Contact customer support for more details. Payment e-Visa 18,000 Visa Sticker Contact Customer Support for Pricing Malaysia Exploratory Visit Visa: A Comprehensive Guide for Pakistanis In the world of travel, Malaysia stands as a destination that amazes people from all walks of life. From its stunning landscapes to its rich cultural diversity, Malaysia has something to offer for everyone. However, before you can start your journey to this beautiful country, you must get a Malaysia visit visa, especially if you are a Pakistani traveller. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire process of obtaining a Malaysia visit visa, its requirements and the associated fees. Let's start our journey! Malaysia Visit Visa - Gateway to Exotic Adventures Before we go into the details, let's examine the fundamentals of the visitation visa for Malaysia. This section provides an overview of the Malaysian visit visa and why it is important for Pakistani tourists. Type of Malaysian Visit Visa In this section, we will explore the different types of Malaysian visit visas available to Pakistanis. This information is important because it helps you choose the right visa category for your specific travel needs. Tourist Visa for Malaysia Under this sub-heading, we will describe the tourist visa, which is the most common option for tourists who want to explore Malaysia. We will discuss the eligibility criteria, duration and application process. Business Visa for Malaysia The possibilities for business visas in this area are for anyone who want to conduct business in Malaysia. We'll go into detail about the particular needs and application procedure for this visa. Student Visa for Malaysia For Pakistani students who aspire to study in Malaysia, we will discuss the student visa, including its application requirements and procedures. Malaysia Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistanis Let's now discuss the specifics. We shall list the particular conditions that visitors from Pakistan must fulfil in order to apply for a visitation visa to Malaysia. This covers financial requirements, documentation, and other things. Malaysia Visit Visa Fees in Pakistan No visa application is complete without addressing the costs involved. In this section, we will break down the visa fees for Malaysia visit visas, giving you a clear understanding of the financial aspects. Application fee We will talk about the initial application price that must be paid in order to apply for a visitation visa to Malaysia. Processing Fees Apart from the application fee, there are processing fees to consider. We will explain this in detail. Step-by-Step Instructions for Applying for a Visit Visa to Malaysia Once you know the requirements and fees, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of applying for a Malaysia visit visa. This information will make your application process smoother. Gathering the Necessary Documents This section will highlight the important documents you need to collect before starting your visa application. Filling out the Visa Application Form In order to prevent any problems during the procedure, we will give comprehensive advice on how to accurately complete the Malaysia visit visa application form. Interview for a Visa An interview for a visa may be necessary for specific visa categories. We'll talk about what to anticipate at this stage. After reading this advice, as a Pakistani traveller, you ought to be well-prepared to apply for a Malaysia visit visa. With the appropriate visa in hand, you may go on an incredible journey to Malaysia, which beckons with its breathtaking natural beauty and diverse cultural heritage. A unique FAQ for Malaysia Visa Q1: If my first visit to Malaysia is not long enough, is it possible for me to remain longer? Yes, provided certain requirements are met, you are able to apply for a Malaysian visitation visa extension. Q2: What is the duration of processing an application for a visit visa to Malaysia? Although it can take longer, processing typically takes five to ten business days. Q3: Are there any particular health requirements in order to apply for a visa? No, there aren't any particular health criteria, however it is encouraged that you be well while applying. Q4: I have a tourist visa; may I work in Malaysia? You cannot work in Malaysia on a tourist visa. Q5: What are the typical grounds for denial of applications for Malaysian visit visas? Frequently cited causes include inadequate funding, missing paperwork, or inaccurate application form information.
Morocco visa from Pakistan
Morocco visa requirements: The visa application form should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS Place all the required documents in the following order. Valid for at least six months, biometric passport (prior passports to be linked). Cover page (Attn. Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco – Islamabad) on letterhead                Please attach your business profile if you need a business visa. Copy of NTN certificate and last paid taxpayer document Employment certificate with salary details (if you are a salaried person) Copy of passport photo on A-4 size paper, do not reduce the size of the paper.                A copy of the passport must include the first two pages and all pages with visas from other countries (especially European, UK and US visas). A copy of the identity card on A-4 size paper, the paper should not be reduced. 4 x 3 cm photograph with blue background (Three photos) The last six months' worth of personal bank statements. Return air ticket (order) Hotel reservation or "Voucher" Documents should be submitted in 3 sets. Documents must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of travel. For business visas, the invitation letter must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morocco and the Moukata (Moroccan Notary). If the applicant is invited by a Moroccan citizen, the invitation letter must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morocco, and Mukata (Moroccan Notary) together with a copy of the passport and national card. For women (single) and students, permission from parents with copy of NIC is required. Confirm the VISA PAYMENT at the Moroccan Consulate before submitting the documents. Nadra Vaccination Certificate Copy of birth certificate, copy of FRC Travel insurance Special Instructions (Karachi Only) Before Submitting Documents (Must Follow) First, scan the following documents and WhatsApp us ( contact +923 158 6017 00) or call us at +923 111 1233 59 Use JPEG for images. 1- Visa application form with applicant's signature 2- Photograph with blue background (4 x 3 cm) 3- Copy of CNIC 4- Fast copy of passport and all valid visas, especially Canada, UK, USA, Schengen visa and all previous visas from Morocco (color copy) (3-4 visa copies) 5- Letter of invitation from Morocco with a certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 6- Letter of Protection (attention to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Islamabad) 7- Employment certificate with salary information 8- Hotel reservation 9 - Airline tickets 10- Scanned bank statement of page 1 and last 3 pages 11- NTN certificate 12- Taxpayer's document (now paid) 13- Travel insurance 14 – Family Registration Certificate (FRC) 15- Covid vaccination certificate WARNING Minimum visa processing time is 3 weeks, but may vary in some cases. The embassy reserves the right to refuse visa applications without reason. Visa applicants who have a residence visa in any other country can apply for a Moroccan visa from their country of residence. Bonuses will not be given if documents are incomplete. Once submitted, documents won't be given back to the applicant.


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